Dark Skinned Coffee Book Table
 We are casting professional black models for a Coffee Table Book to go to print in late 2017.  The shoot will take place in NYC and will be only 1 to 2 looks, which takes about 1 hour to shoot.
There has been some questions and concerns that I received that I would like to address.
1. Nudity. 
Nudity is NOT REQUIRED OR NEEDED. As a female photographer, I am interested in the art, not your nudes. Plus, I am mostly shooting head shots.
3. Photos. 
You will receive the photos that are picked for the book only.  This is not a TFP.  You will receive the tear sheet in HI-RES for your portfolio of the photos actually used for the book. If you want photos to be added to your portfolio, you  forfeit any payment.
4. Outfits.
You MUST bring in 3 WHITE and Black pieces outfits that fits your body. Because of this last minute shoot, we can not have sizing on all models. Make sure they are form fitting.
5. The Shoot.
The shoot will be just the model and the photographer only. It will NOT be a large studio production. Lighting will most likely be completely natural. The shoot for each model should not go more than an hour. It will be simple. Either a plain white wall.
6. The Book.
The final product will be a storyline of poetry along side the photos.  It is simply a personal project that I want to do for publishing as well as my portfolio.
7. Hair + MUA
Hair: Natural Hair is best, but if not, please make sure it is done and clean.
Make Up: Natural
I really just expect for the models to come ready to shoot.
1. You must be OVER 18. Please bring an USA approved ID. I would have to take a picture of it to confirm age with my publisher because of the sensuality of the photos.
2. You must be clean shaven.
3. You must be a professional and on time.
Please speak to your agents, managers, mothers, parents, uncles, friends, etc…who ever you need to speak to confirm.




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